Version: Java 1.12.2




Chat rules for discord and partly Minecraft server:


1. You are not allowed to use rough swear word, or other inappropriate words in the chat, or any voice channel.

2. Don't write with capital letters (Mistakes are ok)

3. Don't spam or flow the chats.

4. Don't Earrape in the voice channels.

5. Don't use voice changers as it can be annoying for others.

6. Don't offend anyone by having for example an inappropriate status/name.

7. You are not allowed to advertise a server or Youtube channel etc. In our chats or the voice channels. Except you have permission from a staff.

8. Don't ping staff if it's not important.

9. Do not send pictures, commands or links in general chat, as it takes up alot of place. Send them in #pictures-and-memes, #bot-commands or #links

10. If you have been banned, there is no point in coming back with an alt account as it will also be banned.

11. You are not allowed to send DM invites through our server. We will most likely found out and you will be banned.

12. Respect all players.

13. You are not allowed to leak someones personal information.

More rules will come soon. Breaking these rules can result in a warning or worse, please respect the rules and do not forget to have fun!

Minecraft Rules

1. All our rules we have in #rules are also punishable in server!

2. Do not claim anything to your faction in the ocean, your faction may get disbanded then

3. Do not claim anything in the end, or in the nether. It's not punishable but when we reset the end and the nether the claims will end up somewhere random.

4. It's ok being AFK, but if you are and a staff notices you will get kicked.

5. Do not use a hacked client, a glitch or use anything that gives you a bigger chance of wining a fight (or likely).

6. Please do not spread out your claims too much in the world. It can result in a Nation Disband

7. Do not use X-Ray, we will most likely find out and you will get a 7 day ban.

8. Do not target specific peoples for no special reason.

9. If you find any bugs, do not abuse it. Instead report it to a staff!

10. Please do not go outside of the map, and claim land there.

11. Please do not combatlog, you will get puniched for it untill our combatplugin is fixed!

12. Do not dupe any sort of things! Even if you are just testing it.

13. If you see someone hack, abuse glitches, or anything that breaks rules report it to an Admin immediately.

14. Do not join with an alt if you are banned, we will ban your alt too

15. No sort of scamming is allowed, for example "borrowing" someones stuff and then never giving it back!

16. No threatening is allowed, example killing someone because they didn't give you their food.

17. Targeting someone for no reason is not allowed, or targeting someone just because of personal reasons.

18. Griefing someone is against the rules even if it's in the same faction.

19. You are not allowed to spawnkill, cross team, or target someone in kitpvp

20. You are not allowed to do any irl trading, ex sell anything in our server for irl money, ex. 1.000.000 coins for $5.

21. You are not allowed to build any unfriendly things

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